Atkins Diet or Low Carbohydrate Diet

If you don’t like meat, cheese, or eggs this is not the diet for you.  This diet does work, however like any fad diet, you won’t last long on it.  This diet is basically the opposite of everything you’ve ever had about losing weight.  You can eat as much fat as you want – steaks, chicken or cheese.  Anything that is in the meat section is fine and you can eat unlimited quantities of it.  You cannot eat anything with carbohydrates in it like candy, bread, soda (except diet soda, which does not have sugar), pasta, fruits, ice cream, or anything else with sugar or starch in it.  This is an extremely limited diet, if you cheat the diet won’t work.  If you have a heart condition, no not even consider this diet since it is extremely rich in fat and protein which will only worsen your condition.

On the Atkins diet your meals will pretty much be the same everyday.  Most of us love meat, but we don’t eat it for all three meals, seven days of the week.  This diet is probably most effective for the first two weeks.  After that you will probably quit because you get so sick of eating meat.  Though supporters of this diet have a point when they claim that this diet will help you lose weight quickly  in the initial phase.  After that you will lose weight slowly between 1-2 pounds a week.

Many people claim that this diet has stopped their sugar cravings.  If you find that you constantly crave sweet foods this diet will be difficult for the first few days, but after that your blood sugar will stabilize and you won’t crave sugar the way you use to.

If you are planning to start the Atkins Diet, you should be aware that eating out will be especially difficult.  You should plan ahead of any place that you will be dining at.  You should also throw away any food unrelated(vivaxa pill)to this diet in your home.  The initial cravings are supposedly difficult but will pass shortly.  This is a fairly easy diet to follow, start with eggs and bacon in the morning, Cesar salad for lunch (no croutons), fish or chicken for dinner.  You will also have to give up alcohol on this diet, since alcohol has sugar in it.  Drink plenty of water or diet soda instead.

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