Causes of weight gain

Weight can be a major distress for some and it may very well not be caused by eating too much. There are other reason why you may have gained some extra pounds, even if you have been eating healthy and exercising regularly.

The most common reasons for gaining weight is that maybe you were overindulged or, if you’re a woman, you were pregnant. Here are some of the other reasons of gaining weight.

Medical Condition
It may be very well because you’re following a treatment that has this side effect. For the ladies it may occur when they start taking oral contraceptives, which are known to put a little weight on them. Simply go to your doctor and ask for other pills – try here.

Diabetic people have this problem and it is because of their condition and their treatment. Try talking to your doctor about this and they may tell you for sure if the cause is a medical one or not.

Lacking Essential Fats
It may seem strange that lacking fats may cause gaining weight when you struggle so much to keep away from them. It may be very well the case if at some point you feel like having a little fatty food. Your body will ask for some fat at some point and it will add some weight if you don’t eat the right food.

First of all, fats are necessary to the human body, and second, not all fats are bad. Fish or olive oil contains the essential fats our bodies need. If you’re not giving your body these kind of healthy fats, will end up providing the wrong ones and that’s when you put on some weight.

Food Allergies
Allergies from certain foods may cause weight gain and make you feel nauseous. It’s best to go see a doctor and see if you are allergic to some foods or ingredients.

These are a few common reasons why we’re gaining weight, but usually emotions play a strong part in the process and overeating or eating bad food when we’re upset or sad set some weight without realizing it.

Seeing a doctor always helps, no matter the cause. They can help and recommend what’s best for you.

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