Coffee facts – negative aspects of drinking coffee

Coffee is probably the most popular drink among adults and for some it is a way of life. They get up in the morning and before getting to work they have to make a hot cup of coffee or they get one on their way to work. And it’s pretty hard to resist with all the coffee shops on every corner. If you think about it, one of the most used invitations to a date is: “Maybe you want to get a cup of coffee sometimes…”

And it’s not that coffee is that bad for you, but there are some people addicted so bad that they don’t just “get a cup of coffee sometimes”, but they drink a pot of coffee every hour. If this is your case, there are some things you might want to know about drinking this much coffee. I’m sure you might know some things about coffee, but usually scientists testifying for coffee producers are paid off very well for changing results.

Let’s go through some negative aspects of drinking coffee in order to make sure you know something more about coffee than the average Joe.

Coffee darkens teeth

It’s a very well known fact that coffee stains teeth in the long run. I’m sure you’ve paid at least one visit to the dentist in your life and after the consultation he always says: “Don’t drink coffee or Coke for at least two hours”. You might come up with the solution right away: teeth whitening paste. Well yes, but that paste attacks a bit your teeth and make them sensitive, and you don’t want to do the teeth whitening several times in your life.

The bad breath

Heavy coffee drinkers have really bad breath. I personally consider it to be similar to smelling a big pile of dog shit.

Enhances stress

Excessive consumption of coffee raises anxiety levels, which leads to more stress. And what do you do when you are stressed out? You turn to your best friend, the sweet, hot, relieving cup of coffee. And you go on like that until the end of the day thinking that drinking coffee is the solution. Like alcoholics think.

Excessive coffee drinking increases heart attack risk

We all know that a cup of coffee increases blood pressure. Drinking lots of it obviously stresses out a lot your heart. And you don’t want to do that. Did you know that the heart is designed to beat for around 130 years? 130… imagine how much damage we do to ourselves if the average age at death is 72.4 for whites, 63.6 for Native Americans, 61.8 for African-Americans, 59.7 for Hispanics and 59.2 for Asian-Americans.

Coffee can lead to sterility

It sounds weird, but coffee can reduce sperm count. By the by… the best enema you can get is not with warm water, but with coffee.

Stomach problems

Coffee can disturb the stomach as it irritates the lining of the stomach. This is, again, the case of heavy coffee drinkers.

However, coffee can prevent prostate cancer as it contains boron, a prostate’s best chemical friend.

Try to do things moderately in life: from drinking, eating to listening to music. Don’t you find that you might get bored of a great song if you play it repeatedly? That’s a pity, but it does not affect your health. The other excessive thing do.

Take care!

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