Fast Weight Loss

If you need to lose a few pounds quickly (ie less than 5lbs) this is possible in a short amount of time.  Any of the diet plans discussed in this vivaxa site will effectively help you shed up to 5lbs in the first week.  Though once you return to normal eating you will probably gain back at least two pounds due to water reduction.

Eating less then 1000 calories a day is not recommended, but you can try eating less then 1000 calories for a one week before your special event.  After that it is strongly recommended that you eat at least 1200 calories a day to maintain normal body function.

Dieting takes time, after all how long did it take you to gain all the weight you want to lose?  Probably months, so be patient with yourself.  Even losing two pounds a month will eventually lead to 10 pounds in less than six months.  Plan ahead and you will be able to wear that swimsuit this summer without starving yourself and being disappointed.

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