Slow Metabolism

Have you ever had one of those friends that seems to eat everything in front of them but never gains weight? Sugar, greasy food, high fat food – none of it makes a difference to their weight. And they don’t seem to need to constantly work out either. That is because they have a high metabolic rate that makes it more difficult for them to gain weight. Every person is different and that is why some people gain weight more easily and have a harder time losing weight. A slow metabolism can make losing weight very difficult.

You metabolic rate is simply how fast or slow you burn calories. If you burn a lot of calories throughout the day you have a high metabolism and if you burn less calories in a day you have a slow metabolism. There are various factors that will affect your metabolism including genetics and age. For many people, they inherit their metabolic rate from their family line and that isn’t something that is easily changed. As you get older, your metabolic rate will slow down, too. If you have a slow metabolic rate your body will not burn enough calories, which makes it difficult to lose weight. You will need to work hard to increase your metabolic rate, but it can be done.

If you have a slow metabolism there are several ways that you can increase it to help you lose weight faster. One of the easiest ways to increase your metabolism is by eating breakfast every day. By adding fuel to your body first thing in the day, you will have more energy and you will burn more calories. Try to consume a well balanced meal first thing in the day that has some protein, some herbal supplements,  and maybe a piece of fruit and you will find that you have more energy throughout the day. Drinking alcohol can also slow your metabolism because your body burns the alcohol before it burns fat. If you body has to focus on burning the alcohol it will not burn the fat that it would normally be burning. Also, when you are drinking you are usually very inactive – sitting in a bar or on the couch, instead of moving around and doing things.

Of course, exercising is the best way to increase your metabolism. When you combine weight lifting with cardiovascular activity your metabolic rate will increase. Muscles burn calories even when they are at rest so throughout the day you burn more calories. A simple weight routine that uses 3-5 lb. Weights will help you increase your muscle mass and increase your metabolism.

A slow metabolism can drastically affect the way you lose weight. It makes it much more difficult to get rid of excess pounds but that does not mean it is impossible. If you want to lose weight and you have a slow metabolism make sure to eat a balanced meal, starting with a good breakfast. Try to move in ways that you normally don’t like park in the furthest spot in the parking lot and walk to the mall. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Get off the bus a few stops earlier than you have to and walk to your destination. Exercise regularly. These little things can significantly boost your metabolism and you will find that it is easier to lose weight.

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