Diet Tips

Drink plenty of water at least 6-8 tall glasses a day.  Even if you are a regular soda drinker, start drinking water!  In one can of coke there is 140 calories of pure sugar.  Replace that 140 calories with a snake and you won’t feel hungry.  Soda and other flavored drinks make you lose your taste for water, and once you start drinking your water you will no longer crave sodas.  You can lose weight just by drinking more water.

Diet bread is a good alternative to regular bread, saving you about 50 calories a slice.  Have diet bread and peanut butter as a low calorie filling snack.

Exercise – Do something you enjoy and you know that you will stick to like tennis, basketball, swimming, hiking, rowing, or biking outdoors.  For people that have to stay indoors consider a gym membership which offers a wide range of classes to keep you from getting bored.

Get your kids involved by having the whole family eating healthy.  You are more likely to stay fit if your family is also fit.  Cook healthy delicious meals, and while you are dieting just eat smaller portions.  Cooking a meal for your family and cooking a separate meal for yourself is just not practical in the long run and your habits will revert.

Reward yourself, put all the money that you have saved by eating less into a jar and spend it all yourself as a reward once a month.

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